Friday, May 3, 2013

How Time Flies!

What I've been doing?

Apri 30, 2013

This Quilt was made in a class through Quilt University in 2012. I've had this top for over a year and finally decided to finish it up into a lap quilt for a give-away from our local quilting group; however, I decided to keep it when one of our members asked if I might teach the block to others next year.  I made a backing, added the three borders, and pinkish binding. 
         Trying to come up with a quilting pattern was tricky. I finally tried some glad sticky wrap to mark different possibilities for quilting.  Another reason I decided to keep it is because I used it to practice free motion quilting, which is a challenge for me, but one I'm working on mastering.
         The next step of finding something to mark my pattern with on the light dark fabrics was even trickier, but AHA! some old dressmaker marking paper saved the day

I love how these colors seem to shimmer and the transparency effects of them, caused by the value shifts going from light to dark and vice versa.   

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