Friday, February 13, 2015

I thought the hiatus was over back in December or early January, but it wasn't.

      It's not that I haven't been working, I have.    But I've sort of flitted from this project to that one, not finishing anything.

I made an affirmation to proclaim every day to help me get going:   I have abundant time, energy, creativity, and love to plan, process through and complete what I need to do.

As if to support my creative needs now, I picked up a Science of Mind magazine and read  in the affirmations for the month of February 2015 this:   There is always enough talent, time and resources to succeed in all that I do.  I  looked around me to see who wrote that?

Woo  woo or no woo woo I felt spoken to.   So I began writing out a day by day progress report  to see where my time was going and what i was doing when i was doing.

one day. i worked on a BOM, for one of the quilt guilds i belong to;  another day i spent cutting out blocks for a give away quilt; another day was given to gathering fabrics for redoing the face of a portrait  i'm working on; one whole very cold day i made valentine cards from scraps of fabric; every Thursday i meet with an embroidery  group of four or five machine embroidery quilters;  and every Sunday, our Piecemakers group meets at the church and  we quilt. And I do have a life beyond my quilting studio that places many demands upon me.  So I begin to see why I'm feeling frustrated--why I have allowed the UFOs to grow up around me.  someitimes I feel like I'm in a horror movie and the unfinishsed pile takes on life and begins to tighten and swirl around me while laughing evilly.

Today, I received a newsletter in my email from Dena Cranes' QuiltEd Online.   Somehow, I'd missed a few copies of this newsletter, because she'd written a series of 7 articles so far titled "Time saving tips for Quilters." 

It was something I needed to hear.   Again I thought the universe was blessing me.  So here I am at this blog writing tonight , after such a long hiatus, feeling as though the ground is shifting under my feet again and I'm finding the road back to my beloved work.


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