Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Year So Far

This is the story of January.

      Last year i signed up to take two courses online this winter:   Way of the Monk, Path of the Artist  with Abbey of the Arts ,  and Still Life at Quilt University.  Both classes have started.   And I like them both at this time.  WMPA keeps me very busy, as there are 25 people enrolled and they post new stuff everyday or send in photos they have taken.  WMPA has to do with instilling into your work your spirituality.   I learn that most of the people there are affiliated with some religious grouping of some kind, but not necessarily Catholic.  It is a fascinating class and the people are from all over the world.  They are traditional painters and mixed media artists.  There is even another woman there who quilts.

The Still Life class is one where I'll be making a still life scene from fabric and learning basic rules and regulations for the GIMP (freeware and like photoshop)  I feel that I will learn a lot from it.
and meeting and talking with the healthy

May your blessings continue this new year!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Year--2011

Made for gift exchange among Piecemakers

      The New Year has rolled in all quiet and quick.   Already, 10 days have flown by.   At our annual Christmas party, the Piecemakers exchange gifts through some sort of fun game activity.  This was the bag I made for that event.   it turned out nicely with the sewing theme even followed into the lining, which I found at Ingrams'.

      Since then, I've been working away on model blocks for the CQ Sadie and I are teaching to the group.  Several of the ladies said they'd always wanted to know how to do a CQ.   And because we're teaching a QAYG technique too, several have expressed interest in learning how to do that also.   I had great idea to make several white on white blocks to use to teach quilting (on your home machine)  using either straight lines  or free motion .  I hope everyone who wants to try the free motion was/is able to get darning foot for next meeting.    And maybe one with white background as we plan to use as background and sashing for all the blocks.  Will post pictures of model quilting on blocks soon. 

May 2011 bring lots of quilting joy!


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