Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quilt National, 2011

Hatano-Color Box
My Personal Favorite

On Saturday, June 11, three friends and I drove over to the Dairy Barn in Athens, OH to see the new Quilt National '11 exhibition there.   IT BLEW OUR MINDS.   It was amazing.   My personal favorite was the quilt above, but there were so many works of art that I was astounded.

I hope to return with a class of students in the fall before the exhibit begins to travel to other venues.

I finally finished and sent in my quilt for the Ebony Stitchers Exhibit in Atlanta next month.   Well, I sent in the digital photos, the application and the entry fee, now I'm waiting to see if it will be accepted for the show.   It will be in conjunction with the National Black Arts Festival  starting July 5 - 27.  

I titled it, "AFRICAN INSPIRATION: Made in America" ( wish I'd had real african fabric then so I could have entered ethnic theme category).  The piece was first conceived when I was making the tote bags with the African masks.   Later it became a wall hanging for a friend, from whom I borrowed it back and enhanced further with beads and ribbons, then added the background quilt as frame of hand quilted burlap.

Now, back to WIPs and dreaming of new projects.


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