Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Portrait

Been working on this for a while.   Our church held its first annual Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 21 and combined that with a "roast" for our priest, Fr. Livinus Uba.   I started working on the portrait back in September, but it was an off and on again affair.   Selecting fabrics to capture the lights and shadows of his face presented problems, but it turned out okay.  
     The simplified sketch above was made from a tracing I did from the original photograph I took.  This line drawing was blown up and then copied onto freezer paper, which became my pattern. I used steam-2-seam fusible to lay the portrait pieces, then quilted after assembling the whole portrait.  I came upon a new method of framing these portraits in the recent QN, (I think that was the magazine) that I plan to try.   It calls for another quilt which provides a frame for this one and to which you attach the portrait.  Looks fairly simple, but I'll let you know when it's done.

I appreciate your visit.

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