Monday, December 13, 2010

Elizabeth Barton on Cliches

"Clichés very definitely exist in the abstract world too; I think the “wall of sound” type of abstract work has had its day (even though several people continue to produce them!), also empty spaces filled with complicated dense machine quilting and then the occasional shape or line, wildly painted or dyed cloth that is randomly cut up and sewn back together, strip piecing for its own sake and so on."

" The point about good art is that it slows us down, makes us think, shows us a new way of looking at things.  Moreover, it’s a way we won’t forget and will want more of."

It is interesting to read what someone who is a national teacher of quilting and known in the quilt world thinks or defines as "cliche " in that world.   It's not something I knew.   Like the child I find I'm constantly amazed at what people do with cloth and machine.   And with the long arm artists these days, one wonders if there is anything that can't be done.  And yet, I feel if a young or new quilter makes sunflowers or a log cabin quilt, she's or he's exploring what can or cannot be done  afresh in this medium

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