Saturday, November 17, 2018

2018--November 16------I am Grateful

I am grateful that I've worked all week on Quilting projects---i.e.  Stitcher' "African" Garden,  a daughter's portrait,  and Christmas tablecloth ( from Christmas fabric crumbs)

To make my world a happier place through the next week, I'm intending to  (1) get my house spiffy (company's coming for Thanksgiving)  (2)  work on Christmas tablecloth, and cards, and gifts for my quilting group members.

I reaffirm that I have the time I need for all I do!

Three amazing things that occurred this past week:
        1.  I finally finished fusing all the flowers for the SAG to the quilted backgrounds and now I have 19 blocks  left to embellish and add border sashings to.
          2.  Watched as week went by, BP and FBG numbers go down to normal levels.
           3.  Started meditating again.

What would have made my week even happier:  To have cleaned house thoroughly by now.

Finishing up:  Two pieces of Huntington series.
This first one is titled, "Once there was a bridge"

And the second one is , "Churches of Huntington"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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