Friday, July 11, 2014

Out of the Desert

That's what it feels like ---like I'm coming out of the desert.  Not that I have not been busy, but as for publishing things and sharing what I'm doing, it's been a dry spell.   BUT I did come to my blog and look at what other quilters I follow are doing, even though it seemed that I had nothing to say.   I've done a little here and a little there, but I've accumulated more WIPs than finished products.   So unlike me.

So to share some of what 's been going on I just sat down today and decided to start.

Before Decluttering and Organizing

After decluttering my studio
This took me the whole month of January and part of February.   I picked up a book from the crafts section of  One Hundred Zeroes which list free and inexpensive books for Kindle; it was titled Declutter Your Life. Since then I've read at least 20 books about decluttering your life and have begun a transformation on my whole house.  (hmmmm maybe that's why I haven't finished much).   It's made a difference though and amazingly I can find things now.   Alleluia!

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