Monday, December 3, 2012


Angel set


It's The Christmas Season. In October and November, between other projects, I made collaged Christmas cards to sell at two Holiday Bazaars. Last year, I think I sold a few cards. So I just knew I'd have some left to send out to friends and family. NOT! I sold every last one of them.


Pretty trees

front and inside of one card
In trying to figure out what I did differently, I note that the sizes are larger ( 5 x 8),  and since I'd run out of those lovely picture framing cards I'd bought as a bargain at an Awesome Deals store that  has since closed, I decided to make my own. Though they didn't turn out perfect, they looked professional enough – discovered I need a better glue or glue stick( with pointed end).

And Santas, of course

So now I'm taking a day here and there to make a few more to send out.

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  1. I made some fabric Christmas cards in 1999 and 2000. I don't really send or give Christmas cards, so my husband used them to give to his staff. I wish I had taken photographs. Yours are very nice.



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