Saturday, July 7, 2012

Aftermath of a Storm 6/29/12

at least it got rid of some Kudzu.

The storm came through WV on June 29 and left the towns without electricity and some without water for days.  The trees bowed and broke in the fury of 70 mile winds, taking down power lines all through the mountains and valleys.   I always thought our mountains protected us from such ravages.   Maybe mountain-top mining is beginning to reap it's vengeance.

On Monday, June 25th, I had Mayo Tree Service come to cut out the dead limbs from the beautiful old oak back of my house.  It is really too close to the house and it may be dying, the tree person said.   It would be very very costly to cut it down, so I decided to have it doctored.  Thank God.  Had the dead limbs  been on the tree when that storm came through, I know I'd not have a roof now.  As it was, my side of the block was without electricity for seven days, in temperatures that were 3 digits.

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