Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quilts: Questions and Quests

Crazy quilt bought at resale shop.  Fabrics literally disintegrating.

Hand Pieced and hand quilted.
     The class goes well.   We've learned a great deal about the history of quilting in the USA and had several guests in to share quilts made by family members and/or maybe purchased ( or rescued) from flea markets, yard sales or resale shops.  Students are researching the traditions of quilting from other cultures across the world and will be sharing their findings within a few weeks.
       The majority of the students are constructing a Log Cabin block, and a few have ventured out and are working on blocks they designed themselves, which is proving to be an interesting learning experience too.
       Students are reading Chiaverini's The Runaway Quilter and we'll be discussing that next week.

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