Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roaming the WEB

Plummer Pettway (1918-1993)  Roman Stripes

I've spent way to much of today roaming the web.   Decided earlier to catch up on what my favorite blogsters were doing and learned about a site called "Pinterest"from Melody Johnson.   It's a fascinating place where people digitally pin-up their favorite sites of interests and others can see this and access the sites too.  It's fun seeing what others have pinned-up that is of interest to you also.

It was there on someone's Pinterest that I found the Gees Bend site.  I've always loved the black and white Pettway quilt from that group, along with several others.   

While roaming around in the Pinterest site, I found also a vegan-non fat site that had some awesome recipes.   Even though I'm following pretty closely  Dr. Fuhrman's  Eat to Live advice, I still find I crave sweets a little sometime and she has some recipes that appear to be what I need to address that craving.  
I sure intend to try some out over the next few weeks.
In visiting the blogs I follow, I found several other new ventures that people are embarked upon and joined one or two new blogger sites.   When I've been away a while, it takes sometime for me to get back up and at 'em.   I can feel the surge rising in me now though and I getting antsy to get downstairs to my studio and get going. Vegan

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