Monday, February 28, 2011

Altar Cloth

     On Sunday, February 27,  St. Peter Claver celebrated Black History Month and the onset of Women's History Month with a presentation by Brother Michael McGrath on the life and times of Sister Thea Bowman.  Through his art, Bro. Mickey, as he refers to himself, created a series of paintings which represented key events from her life.   Bro. Mickey is a well known artists,  whose sacred paintings are spiritual  meditations and teaching stories in themselves.
Brother Mickey

Sister Thea Bowman
 In his presentation, he spoke of being inspired by a film of Sister Thea Bowman's life at a point of deep grief in his own life. Shortly afterwards, he created a series of nine paintings representing her life.  His book This Little Light   is a result of this work and appreciation of Sister Thea Bowman, who is  now being considered for sainthood.   My altar covering  is a representation of the painting of Sister Thea that appears on the cover of his book of her life.

May your joy increase
May your love and work be blessed
 May you be happy.


  1. I recall reading of Sister Thea when she was still alive and active. One thing that stuck was her gift for delivering homilies. I believe she taught that skill/gift at a seminary. She had a lovely voice as well. Santa subito!

    Your quilting is inspirational!!!!

  2. Thank You, Barbara. I'm just getting around to answering mail, and I visited your blog and was quite impressed by the spirituality that infuses what you post. I'll be visiting again soon.



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