Saturday, July 3, 2010


Welcome to Fab Lover, a site where I will be sharing my work and thoughts about contemporary quilting and various other topics related to quilting, learning, and growing as a fabric artist today. My educational background is not in art, but rather language and teaching. For years I made clothing for myself and my children. I've loved fabrics and textiles all my life. In 2000, I tried my hand at quilting and was hooked. As I scouted around and played with trying different types of quilting, I found myself drawn to contemporary quilting. And I watched as my interests led me to combining contemporary designs to traditional blocks and patterns. As I grew in the art, my confidence grew; I began to expand out into newer areas. My fascination with portrait quilts resulted in my taking an online course at Quilt University with Marilyn Belford. This past year I've done several portrait quilts. What I've learned about people through studying their faces takes me into knowings for which I have no words, but which reminds me very much of the way language usage defines our reality.

The work of Katie Pasquini Masopust also fascinates me. When the opportunity arose to take a workshop with her at the Paducah Quilt Museum last year, I was overjoyed. During that time, I stayed at BryerPatch and met Caryl Bryer Fallert, another quilter whose work I deeply admire. Under my favorite teacup, sits the coaster of her winning piece in Houston. 2009 was a very good year.

2010 finds me trying to incorporate all I've learned into the work I'm doing now. I continue to learn the new and the traditional as I venture out on my own and work still with the Piecemakers quilting group of 25 women which formed in 2004. My interest does not wane, no, it grows.

On public TV right now, I am listening to Austn City Limits and an international group ( Thievery Corporation) is KICKIN. I've just got to stop and dance.

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