Sunday, January 26, 2020


By Phillips

New book on creativity i'm reading that really speaks to me.   I read so many books and enjoy books that inspire me to get up and do.   But many of them do not inspire that way, so when I find an author who seems to talk my talk,  or connect with my mind in a way I can use their advice, it fills my heart with joy.  Phillipa does that!

"I also always carry a pencil or pen around because inspiration very often takes us by surprise and your usual workbook may not be immediately to hand. You could create a collection of what I call sketchbook threads: a combination of both digital and physical work that all weaves together, but that maybe doesn’t all live together. If you use this method, it will be useful just to make a list of all the places you are storing work, for example, blue notebook, Instagram, pink memory stick and so on, so that it feels that you have at least created dedicated work spaces."

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