Sunday, January 26, 2020


By Phillips

New book on creativity i'm reading that really speaks to me.   I read so many books and enjoy books that inspire me to get up and do.   But many of them do not inspire that way, so when I find an author who seems to talk my talk,  or connect with my mind in a way I can use their advice, it fills my heart with joy.  Phillipa does that!

"I also always carry a pencil or pen around because inspiration very often takes us by surprise and your usual workbook may not be immediately to hand. You could create a collection of what I call sketchbook threads: a combination of both digital and physical work that all weaves together, but that maybe doesn’t all live together. If you use this method, it will be useful just to make a list of all the places you are storing work, for example, blue notebook, Instagram, pink memory stick and so on, so that it feels that you have at least created dedicated work spaces."

Saturday, November 17, 2018

2018--November 16------I am Grateful

I am grateful that I've worked all week on Quilting projects---i.e.  Stitcher' "African" Garden,  a daughter's portrait,  and Christmas tablecloth ( from Christmas fabric crumbs)

To make my world a happier place through the next week, I'm intending to  (1) get my house spiffy (company's coming for Thanksgiving)  (2)  work on Christmas tablecloth, and cards, and gifts for my quilting group members.

I reaffirm that I have the time I need for all I do!

Three amazing things that occurred this past week:
        1.  I finally finished fusing all the flowers for the SAG to the quilted backgrounds and now I have 19 blocks  left to embellish and add border sashings to.
          2.  Watched as week went by, BP and FBG numbers go down to normal levels.
           3.  Started meditating again.

What would have made my week even happier:  To have cleaned house thoroughly by now.

Finishing up:  Two pieces of Huntington series.
This first one is titled, "Once there was a bridge"

And the second one is , "Churches of Huntington"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

October 31- November 8.

I am grateful that I've almost completed the blocks for my African version of Stitcher's Garden.,--and for time to work on it freely this past week...and for the portrait workshop going well.

Today would be great if I finished the Stitcher's Garden blocks, and made time to work on the Christmas table covering I've started also from scraps, and tidied up mystudio a bit..

I have the time I need for all I do!  ( the week's affirmation)

3 Really bright spots this past week:

           The portrait workshop I gave to the Innovative Fabric Artist Network (IFAN) went really well.
            I started a portrait of my daughter <----her christmas="" nbsp="" p="" present="">          
<----her christmas="" nbsp="" p="" present="">             Here's the current update of the (African) Stitcher's Garden.    

  • Seeing my friend Lynn at church bazaar; she looked happy, healthy, and well.
  • Finished getting basement organized and tidied up.   YEaaaaaaaa!
It might have been a better week if I'd met all my intentions for it.  Will try again this week to finish up blocks for ASG, with borders and make progress too on Christmas tablecloth, and Adrianne's (my DD =darling daughter) portrait.

Wishing you all a happy and progressive week!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The 5-Minute Journal

      I learned of the 5-Minute Journal from Adam Brown's Bright Spots and & Landmines (he got it from Tim Ferris's  I found it very adaptable for my Bullet Journal that I keep these days.  It is a sort of shortcut journaling of a day and it seems well suited for my thoughts and reflections on quilting on this blog.  One of the reasons I'd given up blogging here was because I seemed not to have much to say, or I had too much text.  The 5-minute journal offers me a way to review my work and reflect on the process and progress of it.  So I'll try at least a weekly entry for a month or so and see if it works for me.
      The journal is really guided by 5 questions:

I am grateful for:

What would make today (this week) great?

Daily (Weekly) Affirmation:

Three Amazing things that happened this week:

How might I have made this week better?

AND  that is all there is to it.  I just want to focus on quilting and the many projects I have going. And it will help so much seeing things in a capsule form. I'm thinking it'll help me keep things in  a right perspective and organize my work too So here goes....

This week October 14-20, I'm so thankful for getting my project sheets set up for completing the Stitcher's garden.  And for cutting out Christmas Pillow cases for my grandboys, and working on Christmas table cloth, using the crumb chaos method.

II.  For the coming week ( Oct. 21-28)  I plan to get the rest of the flowers onto the backgrounds.

III.  Affirmation for the week: I choose to see everylbody and everything with joy, love and tenderness.  ( I've been so negative about Donald Trump.  I get so angry about things he's done and all his bragging about what he wishes he'd done.)
IV.  Three amazing things that happened this week were (1) I completed two more of the 25 blocks required for SG. And I cut out pillow cases and worked on crumb quilt tablecloth as stated above ( more than I'd accomplished in past month)  Oh and I prepared materials sheet for workshop on making fabric portraits for Nov. 3.

V.  this week I plan to to work toward completing all the background quilting and fuse flowers on each block, then I can begin embellishing  and framing (putting on borders).
photo pending.

Quilting Conference

1st National African American Quilting Conference

Friday, December 8, 2017

Art Quilting-Protest

Upon Listenting to Jimi Hendrix Play "the Star Spangled Banner"


Art Quilting

Challenge Quilt

I Love a Tree

St. Peter Claver Piecemakers' 2017 Challenge (Holiday) Quilt winner

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Honorable Mention

In June of 2016 I entered "Snowy Night at Peace Cottage" in the annual Quilt Exhibit of WV Quilters and received an honorable mention ribbon.   Yeaaaaa.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

'Tis the Season

It's been a year since I posted anything here.   What a year!   In many ways..
Last January I had a shoulder replacement and that kept me from doing many things I love to do---i.e. Quilting, driving, traveling, lifting, moving freely in general for about 5 months.  However, the right shoulder is 95% better----3 fingers are still numb on right hand, but I'm hoping that soon that will be gone.  The numbness feels funny, but the fingers work well.

So '"Tis the Season' and you know I love making Christmas cards.    I began making cards, and decided to expand my repertoire beyond Christmas to all occasions.  Above you see some of my wicked cat cards and a birthday card.

Hmmmm.   I wanted to post some other pieces I've worked on over the past few months, but this was the only one from recent photos ( I have hundreds).

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Ruth Elizabeth at 89 was ACCEPTED for the WV Cultural Center Quilt Exhibit.   ALLELUIA!

In the meantime I was busy busy busy completing several projects for the ST. Peter Claver 8th Annual Quilt Exhibit.   Here are my entries for this year:

Crazy Patch placemats and coasters were made for doorprizes for annual show.

"JOE ARTIST"  another finally finished quilt that has languished  on and off my machine for past two years.  It was originally for my grandson Jordan 's graduation from HS.   He'll be graduating from college in another year.

"Scrappy Lap" Quilt
"NASSAU NICE"  was what I named the mystery quilt we did at retreat this year because of the island colors.
DIVERSE DIVA was submitted for our BW Challenge this year.


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